The Future of Studio1

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The Future of Studio1

Postby jon » Tue Jun 21, 2016 2:14 pm

Since the launch of SDRuno, several existing Studio 1 customers have contacted us to inquire about the future of Studio 1 and whether it will continue to be available and supported.

When SDRplay acquired the rights to Studio 1, we granted Sandro Sfregola (the developer of Studio 1) a perpetual license to continue to sell and develop Studio 1 for paying customers. He has indicated that it is his intent to continue doing so. It is our understanding therefore that Studio 1 will continue to be available and supported through its original developer and distribution channels for the foreseeable future. SDRplay will focus its development efforts on SDRuno for RSP customers and the two products will co-exist serving different customer bases.
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Re: The Future of Studio1

Postby df1ech » Tue Oct 25, 2016 9:41 am

Are there any (big) differences between uno and 1 ? As in would I benefit anything with a rsp1 buying studio 1 over sdr uno ?

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Re: The Future of Studio1

Postby dsalomon » Tue Oct 25, 2016 12:28 pm

I am a user, not a representative for either company / individual.

Over the years, Sandro has been slow to release major changes to Studio1. I was a previous user of Studio1 several times over a number of years. SDRPlay has been very responsive to user requests and I am guessing that the reason they have not made major changes yet is that they are:

1) collecting user feedback from this new product and want to gather a significant enough change list to decide what changes to make; and
2) they are still learning the software and do not want to do major surgery until they have a really solid understanding of the code base.

IMHO, Sandro has not done a great job advertising the details of his software, so it has been difficult to really know what you are getting before purchasing it. However, the several times I did buy and use it, I was VERY HAPPY with his work, as I am with SDRUno.

My summary is that we, as a user community, as a group, should monitor closely the progression of both Studio1 and SDRUno so we can keep abreast of the status of each (from a features perspective). That way, we can all make up our individual minds as to whether it's necessary to use both products (having to pay for Studio1).

I would like to make a suggestion to SDRPlay: it makes more sense to co-develop the two products, even if they remain separate and independent. I know Sandro is really, really bright and has developed a brilliant product. I can only assume the software engineers at SDRPlay are also excellent at their jobs. Separate and independent product development might result in duplicated effort for some or many features. I would love to see the "collective" of the two groups work together, even though their work would result in a single to multiple path divergence at some point in the development cycle. Think of a tree branch growing out for some distance, then splitting near the end into two branches. Give each other the advantage of thought and software development excellence, while still maintaining end product market competition.

Just my 2 cents worth.

73 - David, AG4F

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Re: The Future of Studio1

Postby NN4F » Sat Oct 29, 2016 1:50 am

df1ech wrote:Are there any (big) differences between uno and 1 ? As in would I benefit anything with a rsp1 buying studio 1 over sdr uno ?

Right now if you are using the SDRPlay, then the new V1.1 that is due out next weekish, will have more features for the RSP than Studio1 does, and I don't think Sandro has updated Studio1 since sdrplay purchased it. So I'm my opinion, I would not add to the cost by buying Studio1 YET... Unless sandro adds some new GREAT major feature or you need better support for other radio's. But I would hang on till Uno 1.1 comes out before you do anything..

Paul - NN4F

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