Centering tuned frequency in IF bandwidth and LO IF

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Centering tuned frequency in IF bandwidth and LO IF

Postby hpkagey1 » Sat Jul 02, 2016 3:21 pm

I have used the SDRPlay with the HDSDR and SDR consoles and very much like the new SDRuno, even though am not sure as to optimization of some of the functions. One of the features I like on the HDSDR console is the automatic centering of the tuned frequency within the selected bandwidth. Is there a way to auto center the tuned frequency using SDRUno as I hop from SW band to SW band? When listening I notice no real difference between the ZERO IF and LO IF modes. Which is more appropriate for operation below 20 MHz and what is primary difference? I am most impressed with the SDRPlay and the SDRuno consoles, particularly when compared to other units I have used.
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