Future SDRUno Feature Request

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Future SDRUno Feature Request

Post by N0BGS » Sun Jul 17, 2016 8:01 pm


Thanks for all the good work thus far on the software.

May I request that in some future build you add a frequency step size of 25 kHz? That will make it much easier for those of us that enjoy listening to the VHF aero frequencies. 500 kHz and even 1 mHz would also be nice.

I note that the NR button hover text in the RX control panel currently displays as "Noise Reductor" better to go with "Noise Reduction" I believe.

Thanks for your consideration and keep up the good work!


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Re: Future SDRUno Feature Request

Post by F1BJB » Tue Jul 19, 2016 8:11 am

About frequency steps I would like:
DVBT step of 8 MHz
DAB step of 1.712 MHz
8.33 KHz step for air band
Those would greatly ease scanning of the bands for DX signals.
1,10,100,1000Khz steps are useless as you get them with the mouse wheel on the corresponding digit
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Re: Future SDRUno Feature Request

Post by Hombre » Tue Jul 19, 2016 5:03 pm

Because SDRuno is deep in to the development I do not write any negative.
While not set all international steps and Custom step. If you like some exotic you have choice.

SDRuno is program write to user waste time. Click on this and click on this. Get out zoom icons with small arrows. Zoom function must be on the frequency bar both SP1 and SP2
If cursor is on the spectrum or waterfall than change frequency.

Get out silly sliders special for RF gain. There must be numbers without slider. In few days user will be accommodate and now for daily use level up to the noise is for example 45 and for night use is 50. I am using SDR Radio and is rare situations when level is in the 5 db and must correct to step down.
Of course Squelch gain is also unless without numbers for precise settings. Like RF gain user for few days now than for aero band level of squelch is 53, for marine band 62 etc. Do not hesitate to give better solutions from other programs.

Notchs necessary for CW. People who listen NDBs will be happy because sometime in one kHz have two or three beacons. Not cryptic commands like Shift or CTRL just click to the desired number of notch and then click to the desired position under audio frequency bar. Two notch with settings trough menu is funny. All notchs must be easy access in the one menu in the SP2 or RX controll.

To be continued.
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Re: Future SDRUno Feature Request

Post by Tech_Support » Tue Jul 19, 2016 6:03 pm

Please direct all feature requests to software@sdrplay.com

This is a community forum not a company support forum or a developers forum and the people who moderate posts are not always the same people that develop the software or provide support on technical issues and so there is a risk that your post could be missed by the relevant people.


SDRplay Tech_Support
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