SDRuno and DJ Controller ?

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SDRuno and DJ Controller ?

Postby lexhw » Sun Jul 24, 2016 12:31 pm

Today I searched the web for a way to hook up a cheap midi dj controller to sdrplay.
The dj controller has two big rotary knobs, that would be perfect for controlling VFO A and VFO B, making tuning around the band a lot more comfortable.

I came across DH1TW's blog where he implemented this for Flexradios PowerSDR:

This is the mapping W4TQ has made:
w4tq.jpg (51.38 KiB) Viewed 1901 times

Do you know if someone has something similar for with the sdrplay / sdruno ?
Can I add this as feature request for SDRuno v2 ?

Best '73,

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Re: SDRuno and DJ Controller ?

Postby dsalomon » Mon Jul 25, 2016 1:27 pm

Until SDRPlay implements generic Midi support into SDRUno, version 2 of Simon's SDR Console has that support. I'm not sure about his versioon 3, which is in Beta, but I would guess that it is already there as well. At least there's one alternative you can use until it's implemented in SDRUno. Here's a link to Simon's information about Midi support in his COnsole:

BTW, quite a few people are using the Behringer CMD PL-1 DJ Controller with SDR Console. That particular device is a bit too large for my taste, but many people are using it successfully. I also used a Numark Orbit with Simon's Console for a while. It worked very well and I know others are also using it. (Link: ... ontrollers)

I agree with you - I'd like to see generic Midi device support. However, I would also like specific support for the TMate / TMate2 devices from Elad. They are fantastic devices for SDR control, also already supported in Simon's Console. Links: /

73 - David, AG4F
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