AM broadcast stations on evry band to 30 MHz?!

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Re: AM broadcast stations on evry band to 30 MHz?!

Post by DanubeBCL » Mon Oct 31, 2016 12:08 pm

g1hbe wrote:The early SRP's used an F-type connector.!
Ah! I have an "SMA one". I did not know.

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Re: AM broadcast stations on evry band to 30 MHz?!

Post by bubblegumpi » Tue Nov 01, 2016 3:18 am

DanubeBCL wrote:
bubblegumpi wrote:Now I just need to play "find the F to BNC adapter" again, does it have to be 50 ohms
Do you mean BNC/SMA?

73s, Heinrich
My house is an F connector household, none of this fancy SMA business, I put my radio in a box with an F connector and I have a hundreds of feet of coax I found in the bushes a while back, with F connectors on all the ends. Good quality really thick cable. Super hard to bend and work with though; it was in a huge tangle that barely fit in my back seat. I think the Comcast installers left it behind after they wired up an apartment building. I have noticed that comcast will send out an independent contractor that will just totally screw up the install, then send one of their installers out to fix and totally rewire
I had comcast business come in to install six phone lines and the internet at my previous business. The two guys totally screwed it up and broke a $400.00 neon sign we never used. Then the comcast installer came a week later to check it and rewired the whole thing. I also pocketed the money for the broken sign :D I'm sure they some how still make money off doing it twice.

Anyways any links you guys know of on how to figure out your long wire SDR or the math behind it? Still looking for a good supplier of connectors that's not digikey.

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