SDR-Console support for RSP2

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SDR-Console support for RSP2

Postby bagmouse7 » Sun Jan 15, 2017 3:24 pm

I have been a long time fan of SDR-Console v2 and it is my go to program for most SDR use.
Now that I have a couple of days use of SDR-Console v3 and the RSP2 combo, I am happy to report that it is also working very well.
I am using the Hi-Z port with a 20 meter vertical wire antenna.
I expected good VHF-UHF performance with the RSP2, but I am also an avid HF listener and I normally use dedicated HF radios for listening.
The results so far are really good with the RSP2 on HF.
Attached is a screenshot on SDRv2 on top and SDRv3 with RSP2 on bottom on the 80 meter band last night.

A couple of things I found I need to do for best performance HF.
USB cable was critical for low noise. When I first started testing I noted lots of noise on the HF bands. After doing some testing with a different USB cable and a different usb port, I found a combination that cleaned up the noise.
Also, running a small wire between the N and the GND connectors on the Hi-Z port also further cleaned the signal up.
Great performance from this little radio so far!
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