How to hook up RSP2 to Icom 756 pro 3 question

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How to hook up RSP2 to Icom 756 pro 3 question

Postby damurph04 » Thu Apr 20, 2017 7:22 pm

I am a newbie to RSP devices and I could really use some help. I would like to be able to use RSP2 as panadapter device using Icom IC-756 Pro 3 ham radio. I do have a 1st IF tap on my radio internally - service manual states:
Intermediate frequencies:
1st IF 64.455 MHz
2nd IF 455 kHz
3rd IF 36 kHz
Would an appropriate way to hook this up be to use a cable from 1st IF Tap to SMA on RSP2 ?
Also would I be able to transmit while using panadapter without causing any damage to radio, RSP, or anything else ?
Thank you for any help you may provide. Joe Murphy W7JBM
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