Is the RSPx missing an opportunity?

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Is the RSPx missing an opportunity?

Postby someYguy » Wed May 17, 2017 9:38 pm

The SDRPlay RSPx can be used as a pretty good spectrum analyzer for testing purposes but I believe that it could be much better and could even compete with the Signal Hound USB-SA-44. The significant differences between the Signal Hound and the SDRPlay are mainly in the available software. If a dedicated Spectrum Analyzer program were available for the SDRPlay RSPx with features as signal markers, dedicated signal level readouts, calibrated reference levels, etc.

Here is a post which I made awhile back regarding this and it shows that the RSPx hardware is quite capable for this, and good results can be obtained even with available software:

Perhaps a stripped down, modified version of SDRUno?

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