Sdrplay2: signal dropped by 80 %... what can it be ??

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Sdrplay2: signal dropped by 80 %... what can it be ??

Postby dxdx65 » Fri Jun 09, 2017 5:34 pm

I used my SDRplay2 for a couple of months without any issue, but since yesterday (starting it regularly) I found that the signal level dropped around 80% from the original one.
In the same conditions, with the same antenna, a signal that was -40dBm is now -100dBm.... Also ADBS that was perfectly received before now does not catch any signal... I used more than one software ( SDRUno, console V3, Dump1090) and different reference signals; all with the same result.
I observed that the noise level dropped also at about -160 dBm, while before, on the same frequencies and with the same RF and IF gain , was around -120dBm.. I tried the same antenna and cable with an RTL-SDR and it works perfectly.... What might have happened to my SDRPlay2..??? :roll:
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