Mac users DO NOT BUY

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Mac users DO NOT BUY

Postby K5EWR » Wed Sep 16, 2015 1:03 am

Unless you are a linux software geek. Thanks for a waste of money, SDRplay. I hope you and your (rapidly becoming fewer) PC buddies have fun. I certainly am not.
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Re: Mac users DO NOT BUY

Postby jon » Wed Sep 16, 2015 9:26 am

Dear K5EWR,

We are sorry you are unhappy and if you have had your RSP for less than 14 days we at SDR play can off you a full refund if you return the product to SDRplay. Please email to make arrangements if you are returning it within the USA. We accept that there are problems with the Mac environment – just getting the Mac port of the gr-osmosdr to compile is a challenge (independent of which SDR radio product you are using) - just to be clear, we at SDRplay support our published API and as yet do not provide any Mac specific plug-ins and we don’t promote any links to Mac SDR software. We are continuing to work seriously with gr-osmosdr to try to get something which people find more stable and usable but we are not there yet. Meanwhile, apart from the ‘geeks’ you refer to, most Mac users today run windows software in conjunction with Parallels or similar in order to get going quickly with the RSP

Best regards, Jon, SDRplay Marketing
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