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Re: Which Windows 10 SDR Software(s) Work with the RSP2?

Posted: Wed Aug 23, 2017 2:17 am
by NoelC
Can't say I've felt any lack of zoom capability with SDRUno.

I like that I can easily select from several layouts I've set up. Sometimes I have things to do on my big main monitor so I use a layout that puts all the windows on one of the side monitors. Or maybe I'm focusing on radio activities and I want SDRuno bigger, so I put it on my main monitor.

Decimation is, as mentioned above, available to narrow the bandwidth and help get "closer" to the signals. I prefer the Low-IF setting and often set to SR 2.0 MHz and DEC 4. I can get pretty tight and see signals a scant few tens of Hz apart... Is there a real need for more?