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SDR Console V3 recording frequency deviation

Posted: Sun Jan 14, 2018 8:18 pm
by Bobman50
I have come across a very big problem when I was recording the AM MW band. I have used some different antennas after starting the recording. A dipole, a longwire 400m and a beverage antenna 400m. On the recording I can see that the switching between antennas created very big frequency deviations on the spectrum frequency display. It looked really crazy. Stations disappeared from their real frequency and showed up 236,1 kHz below nominal frequency. How can this happen? Can a strong antenna input signal make the SDR Console software "go bananas" and lose the control of the frequency display? My previous recordings have been correct with accurate frequency display in the spectrum window ( with a small loop antenna,
4x4m ALA-100 from Wellbrooks). I may add that I was listening directly at the same time as I was recording (for aprox. 1 hour). The direct listening
showed exact frequencies on the display .(while the recorded file obviously showed a stations frequency that was 236,1 kHz below its nominal frequency.) Does anybody have an idea about this strange recording result?