Just Brought a SDR 2 - Need some advice

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Aussie Deesal
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Just Brought a SDR 2 - Need some advice

Postby Aussie Deesal » Sun Jan 21, 2018 4:44 am

Hey everyone - just brought a SDR 2 from Strictly Ham (Melbourne Australia)...need some advice
- whats the best computer setup do you need to run this baby...planning on upgrading my computer - was looking at a HP all in one - whats ya thoughts?
- got a Diamond Discone for the general scanning - do I need any other types etc?
- is there CTCSS available
- does it decode POCSAG?
Thanks Jon
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Re: Just Brought a SDR 2 - Need some advice

Postby g1hbe » Sun Jan 21, 2018 9:44 am

Hi Jon.

I find SDRUno runs fine on my shack laptop, which is an i5/2.4 Ghz/4 GB machine. However, I don't use more than one VRX at a time and I never use a b/w of more than 8 MHz. I think you'll need a more powerful machine if you want to use full b/w and multiple VRX's.
I can even run it on my old Pentium 6200 laptop, but I have to stay below 5 MHx b/w and make sure all other apps are closed.
Aerials - it depends what you want to listen to. I use a Wellbrook 1530 loop for LF to 30 MHz and a selection of dipoles and yagis for VHF/UHF.
As for POCSAG and other digital modes, the RSP's do not natively decode anything, but they can be used with add-on software to decode all manner of stuff. Lots of advice over on the facebook group.
CTCSS is not included, it just hears everything and ignores the tones.

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