Full Duplex on Ham Satellites

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Full Duplex on Ham Satellites

Postby WB0WQS » Thu Mar 08, 2018 10:48 pm

Using the RSP1A to work the Ham Satellites. I have an Arrow 146/440 dual band ground plane with one feed line. The plan is to hook the single feedline from the dual band vertical to an MFJ-916B Duplexer common. The RSP1a will be connected to the 1.3-225 Mhz side and a FT-857D will be connected to the 350-540 Mhz side for transmitting the uplink on 440 (about 10 watts). The RSP1A will used to receive the downlink on 2 meters. I have been able to hear several passes from several birds with either the FT-857D and the RSP1A and SDRuno fairly well. Before I hook all this up and transmit, I wanted to check with this forum and see if there is gonna be any problems with the transmit rf damaging the RSP1A? I know the GP vertical is not ideal, but besides that, anyone see any snags in my plan? Thank you in advance. I love the SDR. Great addition to the shack.
--Kelly Ellison - WB0WQS .
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