RSP2 pro and Icom IC7100+ HupRF panadapter

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RSP2 pro and Icom IC7100+ HupRF panadapter

Postby Recordable » Thu Apr 26, 2018 7:06 pm

Hello, I installed recently a tap panadapter goard (HUPrf) in my IC7100.
the matter is i expected better signals through the board than the original SDRplay alone connected to the antenna.
It looks the received signal is a bit lower.
I expected more gain through the board. I know the first transistor is a follower adapting impedance but the second stage looks shuld add more gain.
I have no time to measure the stages to see if are working fine. perhaps using a spectrum analyzer or so.
The guy I took the idea from (internet-youtube) says there is aincrease in gain near to saturation or so but the SDR can cope with it.
I see no saturation or nothing like.
Does anyone has this same stuff and can confirmate what shuld i expect from it?

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