How to fuse SDR in a WAVE file

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How to fuse SDR in a WAVE file

Postby webbsmurfen » Sat Aug 18, 2018 11:55 am

Hi there

i need some suggestions, and please if this has been posted before link me to the correct post with the right information

So i got an older Chinese FM-transmitter from a friend a couple of days ago and it look like this, and its made to send from 88-108mhz

As you see, it just have an audio in port, and the idea here is to use say a large *.wav file, and a computer and connect through the headphones on my little computer. Now is there a way to fuse SDR data in to a *.Wav file, or any other way for me to use my computer this way and send SDR through the Audio in connection?
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