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I want to set up my RSP1A to run as a panadapter. The config I would like to try is the RSP1A gets it's signal from the IF out of my radio, this works fine with SDRuno on my PC. I want the panadapter to be independent of my PC. I have a small display being driven by a Raspberry pi. It displays the spectrum OK when I tune the RSP1A to 9MHz ( my IF out frequency ). I have only been able to run cubicSDR ( don't see soapySDR in the startup list ). I see the spectrum just fine, but now I want to be able to get the spectrum to display the band I'm actually on. I also would to find a way to get the CAT control on the Raspberry Pi as well as CAT control from the PC.

My goal is a fully functional panadapter using the RPi that I can touch the spectrum where I see a signal and have the radio tune to it. Meters and band switches on this are not important to me, more an active spectrum and waterfall display.

At the same time, I want to be able to run digital modes from the PC. I don't want the PC to have to be on to run the panadapter.



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