Nearby strong AM broadcasting station

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Re: Nearby strong AM broadcasting station

Post by Fredenando » Wed Aug 07, 2019 2:05 pm

I live at a distance from over 600 meters from an AM Station on 747 kHz that trasmit with 5 kW of radiating power...

Over the years this has been a torture of armonics and interferences for me and for other I supposse. But I could live really well after I bought an ICE - BCB Interference Filter, exactly the 401 model from 500 to 1.800 kHz.

This work for me really well, but I like and want to receive the NDB's and LW or VLF signals too and to get a better response of this filters. So I add on the same box a notch calculated for that frequency and made it with standard parts and compossed only with one fixed bobin and two capacitors that gives me the posibilities to get what I want to hear, permiting to me decode time signals as DCF77 or MSF from over 2000 km on 77.5 or 60 kHz respectivelly.

I have the RSP-1A but this work the same good before with my RTL-SDR + Spyverter...

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