Slow Scan TV Reception

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Slow Scan TV Reception

Postby DaveB » Sat Feb 21, 2015 11:09 am

Apologies for not replying to the earlier request - I hadn't spotted it. The original was a link to my post in the Skywaves group and I note the screenshot was corrupted - so first here is a replacement showing an SSTV transmission in progress. Too large to attach so link to Box.

Key points - I am using the receive only programme RXSSTV (1.4.2) which is freeware - by ON6MU. It automatically picks up the sound from the soundcard.

All you need to do is install the programme find some SSTV signals - around 14.230 MHz USB - and enjoy. Clicking on Help brings up a user manual - good idea to read in order to get the best out of the programme. There are a lot ofdifferent modes of analogue SSTV transmission - so far this morning I've seen pictures transmitted in "Martin 1", "Scottie 1", "MR90", "B/W 12" modes - but the software automatically detects the mode for you. It has options for AFC so you don't have to be spot on frequency.

One big tip use the smallest ADC bandwidth and - zoom the spectrum display right in so it makes it easy to line up the signal - the screen shot in the link shows I'm only cover 60 kHz of the 14 MHz band.

Plenty of good information on the subject on the internet . There is also Digital SSTV - and the screenshot shows a transmission in that mode. Unfortunately my anti-virus software insists the program (EasyPAL) has a virus - and although I temporarily disabled the av software (as advised on the web-site) once I'd installed the programme and started to try and run it - the a/v software insisted there was an infection (malware) and sanitised it. One I restarted the PC - the programme was gone.


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Re: Slow Scan TV Reception

Postby CaptainNemo » Mon Feb 23, 2015 8:29 am

Tnx, DaveB, very useful and quick guide, I've never decoded sstv, will give it a try. 73

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