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Re: Connection to Yaesu FTDX3000

Postby lavallelaabs » Mon Jan 23, 2017 3:53 pm

I have the same issue as KB8VFA - I have tried SDRUNO, HDSDR and a few others with the same results, I can control both mode and VFO via rig or SDR S/W, both track correctly however neither S-meter nor panadaptors align.

My configuration/hardware is:
RG58 SMA MALE to RCA MALE Pigtail Jumper
Surface 3 (Surface has 1 USB and 1 micro-USB port)
USB2 A male to B male cable
10 port USB 3 USB hub (hub is powered)

Omnirig V1.6
FTDX3000 USB drivers installed on Surface (comm ports 3 & 4)
-- USB out to USB hub
-- RX out to RSP2 antenna A via RG58 jumper
-- menu 75 to USb, menu 038 to 38400
-- Antenna A to FTDX3K
-- USB B port to USB hub
Surface 3
-- USB out to USB hub
-- Omnirig set to port 4 and 38400 baud

Like I said VFOs and modes work correctly however S-meter and panadaptor do not - is there a configuration I missed? Menu setting? Additional software needed? Other?

Thanks in advance!

73 de LaValle KD9FOF
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