sdr-radio v3 - next release

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sdr-radio v3 - next release

Post by CaptainNemo » Wed Jul 27, 2016 1:33 pm

I read in the blog we are near to a new sdr-radio v3 "preview".
I'm glad and grateful!!!
When I started with sdrplay coming from rtl-sdr and fcpp, my sw of choice was sdr#.
One day sdr# team decided to play a game of their own... most of us know the story.
So I tried to keep on with sdr# for a while and finally I started with sdr-radio v3.
(I considered v2 too complicated; v3 seem easier than v2).
After Studio1 avaliability, I still believe sdr-radio is a good alternative meanwhile Studio1 will catch up.
Currently sdr-radio v3 has a superior quality in the waterfall (and the way you control it) -- according to me --
and you know sdr rx is something to watch more than to ear...

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Re: sdr-radio v3 - next release

Post by Hombre » Sat Jul 30, 2016 5:17 pm

SDR radio V2 is not complicated. After few days I am set program with my desire and work without any problem.
V3 is trashy preview and in the next update will be like V2 because in the preview have only part of the possibility, have not necessary VFO and other.
SDR radio is nice program, for me better than widely used HDSDR but sense down 18kHz is poor. All other like VFO, quality of the signal, quality of the screen resolution... is perfectly. And in V3 have easy access AF gain slider.

For example you may see my settings of the SDR radio V2 and signal of the MSF at 60kHz about 2000km from me.
MSF clock.jpg
MSF clock.jpg (139.86 KiB) Viewed 3638 times
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