RS Components' SDR demo at Electronica - Nov 8th-11th

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RS Components' SDR demo at Electronica - Nov 8th-11th

Postby jon » Thu Oct 27, 2016 6:09 am

With the upcoming 80th anniversary of the founding of 'RadioSpares' - the original name for RS-Components, and the creation of an "Engineers' Playground" as a feature of the 2016 Electronica event in Munich, we thought it might be fun to create an exhibit which could celebrate aspects of Radio receivers spanning that whole period. What if we were to take an ancient short wave receiver from the late nineteen thirties with its magnificent construction and rugged controls, and to replace the circuitry with a modern Software Defined Radio from SDRplay? Well that's what we have done. To find out more go to ... coni-cr100

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