SDRplay now fully supported on SDRCloud

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SDRplay now fully supported on SDRCloud

Postby jon » Fri Oct 28, 2016 7:30 am

The SDRplay RSP1 is now fully supported on SDRCloud. See ... e-windows/

What is Cloud-SDR ? - see their website for more info:

"You need a way to remotely access your existing SDR receiver ? to stream your IQ samples to another remote computer over the network ?

Cloud-SDR is a commercial software solution to enable real time RF data sharing or processing through the cloud.

Cloud-SDR can collect real-time IQ complex samples from an SDR hardware device connected on one machine, stream the samples to a second machine for demodulation or analysis, then send the resulting stream to third machine for storage.

In standalone mode, Cloud-SDR can execute signal processing tasks described with embedded JavaScript DSP engine."

This makes the RSP very versatile for remote IoT development projects.

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