More SDRplay Video guides added to our YouTube channel

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More SDRplay Video guides added to our YouTube channel

Postby jon » Sun May 07, 2017 9:26 am

We are now up to 9 "How to" SDRuno Video guides on our YouTube Channel - the latest one was added today where Mike explains how to use the Notching Filter Function. Our SDRplay vieo channel is at - Scroll down to see all the Video Guides as well as links to many useful 3rd party SDRplay videos for SDRuno, HDSDR, SDR_Console & CubicSDR. If you would like to make a video showing SDR techniques you find useful - we would love to hear from you - we can add them to the appropriate section. (Especially non-English speaking videos for our those who don't have English as their first language!) You can see that some of the featured 3rd party videos have reached 10s of thousands of views! What would be very popular would be some videos showing Linux flows and/or SoapySDR set-ups. email your video link suggestions to jon dot hudson at sdrplay dot com.

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