Support for SDR# users

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Support for SDR# users

Postby jon » Fri Sep 18, 2015 10:18 am

Dear RSP users,

As most of you will now be aware, the decision to move to net framework 4.6 means that SDR sharp no longer supports the ExtIO interface used by the RSP. Whilst the authors of SDR sharp also sell a competing hardware product, we acknowledge that their software remains an excellent and highly popular SDR package for a wide range of hardware platforms and we fully respect their right to develop this software however they see fit.
The decision to move to the ExtIO interface in the first place was driven by changes made to the SDR sharp native interface without our prior knowledge which resulted in us losing some key functionality. Because SDRplay is perceived to be aimed at the same target market as the Airspy, the authors of SDR Sharp do not consider our platform to be a part of their ‘friends’ programme and so we cannot reasonably expect to get advanced warning of these changes. As a consequence, we felt that the ExtIO interface was the best way to go as it was also used by other hardware devices. However for the reasons described above, this option is no longer available to us.
As a consequence, we fully intend to continue to develop plugins to provide compatibility with the RSP and will do so by means other than the ExtIO interface. We expect to have a basic solution available very shortly with a more fully feature solution to follow in the near future.

Jon (SDRplay marketing)

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