SDRuno 1.2 Released!

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SDRuno 1.2 Released!

Post by sdrplay » Fri Oct 27, 2017 5:43 pm

SDRuno 1.2 Release Notes (27th October 2017)

Summary: This release addresses a number of usability issues and bug fixes as well as implementing some new features.

The main change to the SP1 display has been to separate the resolution bandwidth (RBW) control from the zoom function. This gives the user the ability to trade off CPU load vs quality of the spectrum display. A number of defaults have also been changed to improve the quality of the main spectrum display.

Some other key changes are that the frequency entry can now be made in MHz as well as the default kHz entry.

Control + W now allows you to save the workspace to a specified slot.

Keypad buttons now not only take you to the specified band, but the sample rate and decimation are changed to enable “band framing” – allowing you to see all of the band within the display.

Another new feature is the ability to store input RF power level and signal to noise ratio (SNR) for a given signal as defined by the displayed VFO in a CSV file. This file is updated at a rate you select in the SP1 settings panel so you can see how the power level and SNR change over time. Note that this is accurate to around 1dB and is a calibrated measurement to the input of the RSP.

• IQ Wav file custom encoding
• LO LOCK toggle hotkey - 'K'
• Support for MHz frequency input using the M key
• Support for MHz frequency input using the new . (DOT) and MHz keypad buttons
• IF output frequency and enable state stored
• Auto swap I/Q when in IF output mode
• Facility to save Power and SNR measurements to a CSV file
• Changing modes now changes the default step size
• MCTR / TCTR / RSYN buttons state stored

• Keypad Ham band button functionality
• Set and lock LO to centre of the band
• Set SP1 display to show the entire selected band using appropriate sample rate and decimation factor
• Ham band selection indicated by depressed keypad button
• Default demodulation mode automatically selected for major Ham and broadcast bands
• Zoom automatically zooms to the VFO
• Workspaces now saved using CTRL+W
• Default workspace opens windows to try to fill the screen
• MA button default state is enabled
• RBW slider used to define SP1 FFT size and display quality
• Improved zoom functionality
• Improved SP1 and SP2 settings defaults
• Decimation filter improved for reduced spurious aliasing
• Decimation values optimised for performance and usability
• Default demodulation filter bandwidths selected to be appropriate for major Ham and broadcast bands

• LSB/USB filter bandwidths all have same 100Hz offset from centre frequency
• MA button now supports minimise/restore
• Corrected error reporting
• CAT control now supports ID; command
• Improved the ADC Overload messaging functionality. Message colour now more suitable for colour blind people.

See the Downloads page ( for the link to the software and documentation.

Best regards,

SDRplay Software Development Team

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