SDRuno 1.21 Released

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SDRuno 1.21 Released

Post by sdrplay » Mon Nov 13, 2017 8:07 pm

SDRuno release 1.21 has now been released. This release of SDRuno contains the following amendments and bug fixes:

1. Restored VFO button for centring of the VFO on the SP1 display
2. Changed the default step size for USB and LSB to 500 Hz
3. Ham band framing buttons can now toggle on or off
4. Recalling stations from the memory panel automatically unlocks the LO if necessary
5. Bug fixes associated with the redrawing the SP1 display
6. Bug fix affecting the storing of calibration values for the RSP2
7. Bug fix affecting CW Zap and CW AFC if the SP2 display FFT is not a 2^n size
8. Changes to the default settings of the SP1 waterfall display
a. Waterfall averaging (WF Ave) now set to ‘off’ by default
b. Tweaks to the default waterfall gain and contrast settings
9. Fixed missing Main Window Instance value
10. Fixed Windows XP support
11. Auto calibration system now selects DAB sub mode if not selected
12. Memory Panel now responds to Ctrl+W

For the changes in the default settings to take place, it WILL be necessary to reset your registry settings, but please note that in doing this, you WILL lose any stored workspaces. We understand that losing saved workspaces when you reset the SDRuno registry settings is frustrating for people and this is something that we will be addressing in a future release.

In terms of future releases, we have a very long list of requests for new features for SDRuno. Some are fairly straightforward to implement and some are very complex and difficult. We have never before published a list of target features for future releases, but we have decided to do so on this occasion. This is intended to give people an insight into what we are aiming for and is NOT a guarantee that any given feature will be implemented. Please be aware that this list is always subject to change at any time.
If we find that we get a chorus of complaints from people disappointed that their desired feature-set is not scheduled for the current or the next release, then we will not make this information available in the future. We have to make priority calls and whilst we aim to implement everything that people want, we cannot do it all at once. I am afraid we are not in a position to indicate when any of these releases will become available.

Feature-sets for future releases:

1.22 Intermediate update
• Customisable frequency step sizes for each mode
• Option to reset SDRuno registry without deleting saved workspaces
• Scheduled recording

1.23 Intermediate update
• Recording of selected signal only (either I/Q or audio) to WAV file format
• Selected signal piped to VAC in I/Q format
• Addition of DDE interface

1.3 Major update
• Frequency scanning
• Remote Client for network based streaming I/Q server applications

1.4 Major update
• Addition of new API for third party plugins
• Separation of VFO and LO frequency control

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