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Video guide to new RTLSDR compatible TCP server

Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2019 12:24 pm
by jon
This new video guide demonstrates the new RSP TCP compatible server software which is now included in the latest Raspberry Pi SD Card image. The video shows how easy it is to set up an RSP at a remote location for access over the internet.


The video uses a Raspberry Pi at the remote location, and a Windows PC running HDSDR back at home base.

We are only demonstrating the Raspberry Pi version of the server here. Also, we are demonstrating extended mode (enabling the full RSP ADC resolution which only works with software which supports an EXTIO interface) . Other (non EXTIO compatible) RTL-SDR software will also run via the server on an RSP device - but in “normal mode” meaning that the data resolution will be restricted to 8 bits.