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Software update news

Postby jon » Mon Jun 27, 2016 3:56 pm

SRDuno updates: We are aware of a number of issues, bugs and feature requests. We will be addressing these in a series of updates. Some of the feature requests will take some time as we are determined to implement them correctly and make them intuitive. With that in mind, SDRuno version 1.1 will be released around the end of August and will consist largely of bug fixes. We expect to make further regular updates after that to address some of the other issues and features we've all seen and been thought about. We are also going to be producing some webinars with the aim of not only getting people familiar with SDRuno, but to help people achieve specific tasks. We will be providing more details about these in the next couple of days.

Other software updates: Our immediate priority is to release the new API and EXTIO so that we can deliver the recent enhancements (VLF coverage, performance improvements, higher sample rate and improvements for developers, etc.) to users of the other popular software: SDR Console (working with Simon Brown) and HDSDR (via our updated EXTIO interface) We aim to have the release of both of these during the first week of July. We will then produce an update to the SoapySDRPlay library to support CubicSDR (Charles Cliffe).

Meanwhile Paul and Mike have made a major update to the SDRuno Cookbook, which now includes setup for CSVUserlistbrowser, a great database setup that allows for rudimentary scanning... V1.003 now runs to 28 pages

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