SDR 2 vs 1 - First Impressions

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SDR 2 vs 1 - First Impressions

Postby rianlof111 » Fri Dec 02, 2016 5:20 pm


i own both of the devices and would like to comment my first impressions with the new RSP2 device. At the moment RSP2 only works with SDRUNO, which makes a direct comparison difficult, but in terms of receiving quality i see a clear advantage for the new one. With a simple wire loop connected to the HiZ input, the receiving performance for long and medium wave is as good as with my AOR LA 390 Loop and even better below 70 kHz.

Important is, that you always move the RF gain fader for the best setting – i think the software does not always remember the last gain state.
For VHF and UHF i cant see a performance plus at the moment, but maybe with the upcoming compatibility with HDSDR and SDR Console there will be some differences to see.

For those who use an active antenna for SW at port A and a discone, LPDA etc. for VHF/UHF at port B, i recommend to turn of the active antenna. In my setup, there was a reduced sensitivity and ghost signals when the active antenna was on.
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