SDR Play/SDR# and TV Plug-in

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SDR Play/SDR# and TV Plug-in

Postby DaveB » Fri Jul 17, 2015 8:02 pm

Just for info. On with lots of useful extra plug-ins is one for TV - which allows you to receive analogue TV on Band I. I normally use it with my RTL dongle. It actually works nicely on SDRPlay with 1.536MHz/2.0MHz and 5.0/5.0MHz but not on 600/2.0MHz or lower bandwidth as no line lock is achieved.

Mind you it is a bit of an overkill as an RTL dongle (R820T2 tuner) works pretty well and not prone to overload due to 1) the tracking filters 2) no strong signals in band. So use the dongle for the video and explore the OIRT Band wit the SDR play
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