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Audio on RSP2 suddendly went off.

Posted: Thu Jan 05, 2017 11:57 pm
by shanes
The audio suddendly when off on a Windows 7 laptop. The soundcard is working fine. Opened the RSP2 main settings window and found that the WME Input Device window is blank. How do I instruct Runo to re-establish a link to the soundcard? Thanks...

Re: Audio on RSP2 suddendly went off.

Posted: Fri Jan 06, 2017 7:18 am
by sdrplay
The Main Window settings are for INPUT so don't do it there. Look in RX Control Window SETT panel - under the OUT tab you will see where you can direct the audio output and select the correct output device. If you can't see the OUT tab, use the left/right arrows to navigate to it.

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