RSP1 Max input signal?

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RSP1 Max input signal?

Postby KE2KB » Sun Jan 08, 2017 7:18 pm

I have the SDRPlay RSP1. I have been seeing some EMI on the HF bands, and would like to know whether some of the problem could be the RSP's inability to reject the unwanted signals.
The only tunable signal source I have is my RigExpert AA-170 antenna analyzer. It can perform as a rudimentary signal generator.
I just want to confirm that the SDRPlay RSP1 is truly a 50 ohm load, as will be seen by the AA-170 when connected directly using 50 ohm coax line.
The AA-170 output is -10dBm into a 50 ohm load, so as long as the RSP is a 50 ohm load, I should not exceed the RSP's input spec.

Whether or not I will learn anything from this experiment remains to be seen, but it's a place I can start.

Thanks for your help

Frank - KE2KB

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