Protecting front-end on RSP2 with multiple antennas connected

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Protecting front-end on RSP2 with multiple antennas connected

Postby K8MEJ » Fri Jan 27, 2017 2:15 pm

I have read the discussions on this board (and others) about various means of protecting the front-end in an environment with transmitters nearby. I have an Icom IC-7300 in my shack and multiple antennas in my back yard. All the antennas are within 20-40 feet of the shack. I do not use any external amplifiers at the moment.

I prefer the RSP2 over the RSP1 for it's better selection of filters, gain, and the ability to select multiple antennas. It's the multi-antenna option that drives my question. I want to use port A on the RSP2 to go inline with the single antenna I/O on my 7300 via a Rx/Tx auto-switch. That'll protect that input. This will give me a sub-receiver and better panadapter than Icom's remote software. Hopefully I can figure out rigcontrol so they follow each other.

I want to use port B for reception primarily on VHF and will likely purchase a discone to mount on the roof. This discone would still be relatively close to the end of an 80m dipole and a segment of my 80m horizontal loop. I would also like to listen to FM broadcast this way on days when I work from home. How do I protect port B if I key up my IC-7300 on HF? Do I have to buy a second Rx/Tx switch that is connected to the IC-7300 via a keying line to ground the input to port B? Is protection on port B even necessary in this configuration?

Thank you for reading my long-winded narrative! :)
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