Linux based spectrum capture CLI (no GUI)

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Linux based spectrum capture CLI (no GUI)

Postby jbrown » Sun Jan 29, 2017 9:57 pm

I need to setup a Linux (must be linux (any distro) in this case so no windows-only responses please) box to run unattended capture of about 10MHZ - contiguous worth of spectrum (Hardware must support between 500khz and 200 MHZ) targeting voice (mix of AM and FM voice broadcasts). And another process to selectively demodulate certain frequencies . So all of these operations need to be command line / scriptable not GUI.

My questions are as follows:

1. What are the best hardware options for this considering the bandwidth and frequency requirements and availability of stable linux drivers. (I was thinking one of the SDRPlay family of devices but would welcome input on this)

2. The recommended CLI utility stack (or lib) for capturing the raw samples based on the answer for #1 (or SDRPlay if no preference) (?) (e.g. if rtl_sdr then what is the recommended stack of drivers to make this work on linux with sdrplay?)

3. The recommended utility for selectively demodulating and producing audio (wav or .mp3) outputs. (?)

(For example if someone has setup something like this (again not Windows) for recording/logging spectrum for HAM contests, that would be a similiar application to what I need)

Thanks all.
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