SDR Console with RSP-1 FT1000D panadapter

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SDR Console with RSP-1 FT1000D panadapter

Postby Chet » Tue Feb 07, 2017 6:02 pm

Hello all...I'm pretty new to this area and I'm sure this topic has been covered in the past, but I couldn't find an answer. All I'm trying to do is use the FT1000D receiver as a panadapter. I'm not interested in controlling the rig via CAT, just want to display segments of the HF ham bands. The rig provides an I.F. output at 73.62 Mhz. I can feed that to the RSP-1 and can see signals on the SDR Console display centered on the I.F. frequency. I've downloaded Omnirig and have that running. My question is, how do I get the SDR Console display to show the same as the rig ? Not centered at 73.62 Mhz. I don't know how to adjust the software to offset the I.F. frequency. It seems that no matter what offset I enter, moves the output of the SDR Console from the I.F. frequency...?? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated... tnx in advance..........
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