SDRplay as panadapter on SHF bands

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SDRplay as panadapter on SHF bands

Postby dk9tf » Thu Jul 06, 2017 1:27 pm

I´m running a K3 with SDRplay on 8.2 MHz IF-output with a Mircoham interface and WIN4K3Suite to multiply the CAT-interface. Everything works fine, even with K3 and external transverters up to 1296 MHz. On 2320 MHz it seems, that the ExtIO_SDRplay.dll for HDSDR-software does not accept this frequency, because the maximum frequency of SDRplay is 2100 MHz. Has anybody an idea how to fix this problem, even for higher bands?
73, Juergen
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Re: SDRplay as panadapter on SHF bands

Postby DanubeBCL » Fri Jul 07, 2017 6:53 am

I am afraid this problem can only be solved when all involved softwares transfer their frequency number formats from signed 32bit integers to unsigned 32bit or better 64bit numbers. This problem is present in many softwares. The signed 32bit value overflows to negative when it exceeds 2147483647 and tuning fails. Instead of using 64bit values from the beginning some manufacturers use workaround tricks. Winradio e. g. sets Bit 31 and shifts the frequency one digit right, which means that only 10 Hz steps are possible above 2.147483647 GHz (which normally should be sufficient).
I am not sure if you can persuade a software manufacturer to change the code for frequencies above 2147483647 Hz when his receiver does not work at these frequencies at all.
73, Heinrich

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Re: SDRplay as panadapter on SHF bands

Postby DanaVE3DS » Thu Jul 20, 2017 5:24 pm

I ran into this problem as well with what if the device doesn't work above 2100 MHz, it is simply great CUSTOMER relations to provide a simple likely a few lines of code to switch the # above 2100 MHz ... the software is excellent and makes for a great IF that synch's with the Radio... I am using an Elecraft K3 ... and their CUSTOMER service is FANTASTIC.... 73 Dana VE3DS
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