SDRPlay lost SDR#-support ?

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Re: SDRPlay lost SDR#-support ?

Postby F1BJB » Fri Sep 18, 2015 7:28 pm

I hate it when new versions of softwares are actually less useful than the old ones.
I should get used to it as each new versions of Windows obliged me to dump quite a lot of good hardware.
Instead I stick to old ones and I'm happy that way :D
Of course the author of a freeware is free to do what he want's.
Some were so useful to me that I bought the last non free version but never used it :D
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Re: SDRPlay lost SDR#-support ?

Postby eckrot » Sat Sep 19, 2015 8:48 am

@SDRPlay team: Maybe this guy is willing to include SDRPlay support? See

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Re: SDRPlay lost SDR#-support ?

Postby wd9ewk » Sat Sep 19, 2015 2:49 pm

The @sdrsharp Twitter feed had a link last night for a version of SDR# that was still compatible with the SDRplay, until a new driver compatible with .NET 4.6 is developed:

I haven't tried it yet, but I did download that ZIP file to have a copy of it.
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Re: SDRPlay lost SDR#-support ?

Postby DaveB » Sat Sep 19, 2015 4:48 pm

Hi Paul,

I can confirm ver 1.5 can be made to work with the newest SDR# - so we can expect to see a work-around for SDRplay quite quickly.

The issue with ver 1.5 is that the automatica phase/amplitude correction doesn't work. So if you have strong stations they will produce annoying mirror signals the opposite side of the centre frequency. Not a problem if you just stick to centre frequency tuning - so if someone has installed SDR#1368 and SDRPlay has gone belly up ver 1.5 can be pressed into use.

Step 1 - is to download .NET 4.6
Step 2 - is re-install SDR# 1368
Step 3 - make a copy of SDRSharp.exe.Config
Step 4 - run the SDRPlay plugin ver 1.5
Step 5 - delete SDRSharp.exe.Config and replace it with the copy you made earlier
Step 6. Copy this magicline text into Frontends.xml - insert it immediately before the last line of the file
<add key="SDRplay" value="SDRSharp.SDRplay.SDRplayIO,SDRSharp.SDRplay"/>

Obviously save changes - then run SDR# and you should have SDRPlay working - with the limitations above. If you haven't got ver 1.5 on your plug-in - plan B is to use HDSDR. It is also very good. and manual I/Q correction lets you null out mirror images using Options/Input Calibration of RX. So just using HDSDR even temporarily might be easier.

The automatic I/Q in SDR# worked correctly at the time SDRPlay came onto the market but SDR# updated and improved and this bit 'broke' after I think ver 1328. So I think SDRPlay team when updating their driver went for the ExtIO route andactually the workaround for the broken I/Q was to install the HDSDR ExtIO plugin in at that time.

3rd party plug-ins ceasing to work is a known issue, if you look around you'll see warnings that certain plugins only work after version nnnn for example. One web-site specifically stated that the plug-ins may stop working if SDR# do an update and would be updated as needed. So I wonder how the plug-ins from will fare? Now I've got a working version for SDRPlay I must try it.


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