Powerbank to supply rsp-pro

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Powerbank to supply rsp-pro

Postby rsppro-1 » Thu Jul 20, 2017 1:55 pm


I am using an OTG cable to connect a RTL-SDR stick with a connection to a 5V USB source and a connection to a tablet.
To avoid noise/interference from a charger (I am using the Mobilize AC Adapter with a 2,1 Amp and a 1 Amp USB outport) I like to purchase a powerbank of about 1000mAh with a 2.1 A and a 1 A USB output for delivering the 5V to the SDR.
Has anyone some experience with the combination RSP-powerbank as far as noise/interference is concerned?
I have bad experience for example with with such charger feeding a RTL-SDR stick(+passive up-converter) on the HF bands, probably due to the switching supply in the charger.
I have completely no experience with a powerbank. A powerbank has of course batteries, but the electronics in a powerbank, used for several protection (overvoltages, thermal etc.) could also perhaps be an interference source?

As said, I am using an OTG cable to connect a RTL-SDR stick to a 5V USB source and to a tablet. But I replace the RTL-SDR stick by my RSP PRO as soon as there is a SDR-TOUCH version for the RSP-2/RSP-PRO available with an interference free powerbank.
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