Problem with current RSP1 ExtIO and API

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Problem with current RSP1 ExtIO and API

Postby n2ic » Mon Jul 31, 2017 4:34 pm

I am the software developer for a popular ham radio program called Waterfall Bandmap.

I recently installed the current RSP1 ExtIO and API on Windows 7. I am seeing a problem if I initially select the RSP1 ExtIO (but don't call StartHW), then select a different (non-RSP) ExtIO, then reselect the RSP1 ExtIO. Reselecting the RSP1 ExtIO gives the "Failed to find any RSP1's" message. The sequence of ExtIO calls I am making is:

1st selection of RSP1 ExtIO:

Select other ExtIO (or sound card):

Reselect RSP1 ExtIO:

This causes the "Failed to find..." message.

If I close my Waterfall Bandmap application, and restart it, I can, again, initially select the RSP1 ExtIO.

Is the CloseHW call failing to fully close the RSP1, or is there another ExtIO call I should be making ?

Thanks !

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Re: Problem with current RSP1 ExtIO and API

Postby sdrplay » Tue Aug 01, 2017 1:55 am

It looks like CloseHW isn't releasing the device (which is required before reacquiring it again). If you contact I can work with you on that to resolve the issue.

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