RSP-1 and WX Satellites with Android?

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RSP-1 and WX Satellites with Android?

Postby KA1OWC » Sat Aug 05, 2017 11:29 pm

Hello: I am here to try your patience...Here is what I would like to accomplish; Is it possible?
I would like to get into downloading weather satellite pictures...I have the SDR RSP-1 and a home brew 137 MHz antenna...Is there a way to take the output from the RSP-1 and direct it to an Android tablet using Android capable software to decode the pictures? I have in mind building a small portable box with the RSP-1 and the Android tablet...I think it would be cool to be able to be remote on battery power and download the WX charts while camping, etc...So I guess my final question: I would need (I think):

A receiver; Got It
Android tablet: Got It
Android WX Decoder Software: Need It
Cable from RSP-1 to Android Tablet: Need It

Or would I be better off purchasing one of those cheaper Windows tablets and just using it?

So, am I wasting my time or can you advise me on just what I need? Thanks very much for sticking with me here!

Steve KA1OWC

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