Best budget tablet?

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Best budget tablet?

Postby radiogareth » Tue Oct 31, 2017 10:34 am

I'm thinking of buying a Win10 tablet for two purposes, one running Minitourne (the MiniTiouner USB receiver uses free to download DVB-S receive and analysis software called "Minitioune" written by F6DZP) and second my RSP-1 which I use for Weather satellite decoding. For this I'm using a very old copy of SDR# (because it works fine).
My main concern is not to overload the processor - in the past I found a 5 years old dual core I5 laptop needed nearly everything shutting down to get decent copy of the Russian M2 100KHz wide QPSK data stream.

I don't really want to cough for a surface pro, but neither do I need to spend my hard earned on something that may not cope. Ability to charge at the same time as using USB could be a definite plus as it will also be used for live tuning of an ECU.

Anyone have experience or advice they can share...


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