Speculation about future SDRplay products

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Speculation about future SDRplay products

Postby jon » Thu Nov 16, 2017 9:55 pm

There seems to be a lot of (sometimes) feverish speculation about future products and what we at SDRplay may or may not be planning for the future. I think it would be helpful to all for me to make a few points clear to all.

Firstly, the RSP1 was first launched in August 2014. It has been a very successful product for us and hopefully much enjoyed by many of our customers. We decided that after more than three years of production, technology had moved on and it was time to bring our entry level product up to date. Demand for the RSP1 had fallen off and we hadn’t built production for some time and rather than build more when stocks were exhausted, we felt that the time was right to refresh the product.

The RSP1 is not obsolete. It has simply been discontinued from production and replaced with the RSP1A. We will continue to support all of our RSP1 customers and support the RSP1 in all of our software updates.

The RSP1A is not a replacement or an ‘upgrade’ for the RSP2 or RSP2pro. There will be no RSP1Apro (metal case version). The RF performance of the RSP2 and the RSP1A are quite similar and published reviews have shown this. In some regards, the RSP2 is superior (lower noise figure) and in other ways the RSP1A is indeed better, as it is a year newer. The RSP2 is more feature-rich and we believe is still the best solution for those that want to use multiple antennas at an affordable price. It also has the ability to sync up the clock to multiple devices or to a GPS clock, which you will never be able to do with the RSP1A. Which is the better product for any individual will depend upon their personal interests, circumstances and reception environment.

We NEVER pre-announce new products. The reason for this is quite simple. Until we commence production there is no certainty that we will actually launch a new product. We are constantly evaluating new product concepts and ideas and at any given point in time. We build lots of prototypes and experiment with ideas. The decision as to whether to put a device into production or not is based upon an assessment of the market conditions at any point in time and whether we feel a product is the right one. Ramping production is not a decision that we take lightly. The costs of production tooling, building inventory and qualifying a new product are very high and so we need to be confident that the timing and the product are right.

Will there be a RSP3 or RSP4? Almost certainly. We just cannot tell you what or when it will be because at this stage we have ideas but no definitive plans and we do not and will not publicly discuss ideas that may not come to fruition.

Thank you for reading.

Jon Hudson – Marketing Director SDRplay

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