A Hi-Z Antenna Input For The RSP1A Receiver

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A Hi-Z Antenna Input For The RSP1A Receiver

Postby WB5AGF » Thu Feb 22, 2018 6:15 am

For those of us with the RSP1A Receiver (I was intrigued by it having a 14-bit A/D) .... we don't have the Hi-Z antenna input that the RSP2 Receiver provides.

Here is a part which looks like it might be useful :


(a .jpg image is being uploaded showing the schematic)

The connection to the RSP1A Receiver (50 Ohm unbalanced) would be on the left (shown as connector 'P1') and the Hi-Z (450- Ohm balanced) antenna connections are on the right (labelled as '1' and '2').

- Paul, WB5AGF
. Texas
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