Problems Installing SDRplay/RSPTCPServer - Rasp Pi

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Problems Installing SDRplay/RSPTCPServer - Rasp Pi

Postby ve3hls » Thu Feb 21, 2019 8:37 am

I'm trying to use my RSPduo with your server.

I downloaded the SDRplay image and wrote it to a micro SD card. My Raspberry Pi works fine with it so far.

Now I'm flying in 3 or 4 different directions trying to figure out how to make it all work. I should add that I've spent the last 3 days trying to make Spyserver for my Airspy work, with no success and practically no support from the software author, so my frustration level is running pretty high.

I started the Server from the menu and a DOS window (sorry, that's what it is to me) opens that seems to indicate that the server is working.
I started SDRUno but it won't start because it's expecting a receiver to be plugged into a USB port. Then I noticed that there's an Ext-IO I'm supposed to use. Downloaded and installed it (I noticed that two separate installations took place) but there's no Ext-IO in the \SDRuno folder. I installed again and still nothing.

SDRuno will ask if I want to use an Ext-IO if it finds one on startup, right? I also see that the Ext-IO has to be in the Documents folder (Where I guarantee it will get deleted next I'm housecleaning my hard drive. Not sure why you want to put it there). It wasn't installed in Documents or the SDRUno folder so I could use some help determining what to do next.

Any help would be gratefully received.

Ken Alexander
So Phisai, Thailand

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Re: Problems Installing SDRplay/RSPTCPServer - Rasp Pi

Postby StandingWave » Sat Feb 23, 2019 10:16 pm

Since I am also interested in running my RSP2 remotely on a Pi, I spent a little time looking into this. As far as I can understand it (and it was by no means clear to me from the documentation either, but a few Google searches helped), ExtIO is used to provide external support for third party hardware. For example, if you put a third party EXITIO such as the ExtIO_RTL2832.dll into Documents and start "SDRuno (EXTIO)" rather than "SDRuno" (which you can find in the SDRplay/SDRuno Menu) you can set up and use SDRuno to control an RTLSDR dongle.

The video here provides some useful information including how to set up the SDRuno workspace.

Conversely, it would seem that the v1.2 EXTIO dll's supplied by SDRplay that are bundled in the installer are intended to allow the RSP hardware to be used with other third party SDR programs, for example HDSDR.

Since SDRuno runs natively with an RSP, you don't need additional EXTIO files to drive the RSP, so it does not recognize these as valid EXTIO DLLs. Without a valid third party DLL, SDRuno (EXTIO) will complain on the INPUT tab which appears when you click the SETT. button, that there is 'No ExtIO.dll found'. I also discovered if you put more than one EXTIO DLL in Documents, then it will ask you which one you want to use (and naturally the dialog does not default to the Document folder! - so of course you have to navigate and find it).

So digging a bit further I then found near the bottom of the list of downloadable Windows files on that there is a download called "EXTIO PLUGIN TCP V1.0 (15TH FEB 2019)". I found that if you download that and extract the DLL from the ZIP file and place THAT DLL into your Documents folder, you can now Start SDRuno (EXTIO), click OPT and choose Select Input, and you will be offered the option to choose RSP-TCP. Clicking on that option will then open a configuration dialog where you can configure the IP address and other parameters. I would suggest setting the IP address of your Pi and see what happens. I and also new to this and haven't yet set up my Pi so I would be very interested to know whether this works. If you follow the video it will show you how to open up the various SDRuno dialogues (hint: click on SP1, SP2, RX. On RX click EXW) from the MAIN window.

Incidentally, if you have CubicSDR working with your RSP, then it also has an option to configure a device in the 'Local Net' or 'Remote' category. Clicking Add gives the option to specify a device type from the dropdown and an IP address. That might also be worth a try. (I had to copy mir_sdr_api.dll from C:\Program Files (x86)\SDRplay\SDRuno\API\x64 into C:\Program Files\CubicSDR to allow it to work with the RSP).

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Re: Problems Installing SDRplay/RSPTCPServer - Rasp Pi

Postby Tech_Support » Sun Feb 24, 2019 9:54 am

Hello Ken,
If you are looking for support from SDRplay, please open up a support ticket via

If you want to use SDRuno as the client, then as you correctly surmised, you will need to use the ExtIO version that is available with the release 1.22 installation.

You will also need the ExtIO TCP plugin which is available from our downloads page:

You should place this ExtIO plugin in "My Documents" and when you start the ExtIO version of SDRuno, you will be prompted for which ExtIO plugin you wish to use.

It will be necessary to specify the source IP address (the IP address of your R-Pi on your LAN) in the ExtIO plugin as well as the port number (default) is 1234

If you continue to have problems, as I said above, please open up a support ticket within our dedicated support system.

In the longer term, we DO plan on incorporating a dedicated TCP/IP client as part of SDRuno so that all RSP owners will be able to access the full feature-set of SDRuno with their remote RSPs.



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Re: Problems Installing SDRplay/RSPTCPServer - Rasp Pi

Postby ve3hls » Thu Feb 28, 2019 1:50 pm

Hello and Thank You to StandingWave and Tech_Support!

I see that I completely missed downloading and installing the TCP Server file! No wonder! It's getting late here in Thailand. I'll give it a try in the morning and let you know.

Many thanks again,


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