Raspberry Pi 3 Image (v0.5) installation

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Raspberry Pi 3 Image (v0.5) installation

Post by braselectron » Mon Apr 22, 2019 11:46 pm

The last few days I found this information about the use of RPi3+ for SDRplay through a image (prebuild) to simplify user experience.

I was one of the early Linux adopters of the RSP2 back in 2017. At the time, I had very difficult time to get a minimum system up and running on my Intel desktop with Ubuntu 14.04 (trusty i686 = 32bits). Many days testing, building code with help from GitHub community.

The RSP2 after all got left in my closet, but now I see new hope. So I did download the image as instructed, and did try it first with a RPi3 hardware version 1.2 and I got lots of strange results, from wifi instability to reboots. I did not pass the phase of install, activate Internet, update and upgrade...it just stuck.

I than had to buy a RPi3+ which I got my hands on today and I am now in the middle of the upgrade phase (many minutes and many packages to update - about 81 by the last count).

So it took about 30 minutes to complete the upgrade.

I changed the raspi-config to boot into console screen instead of GUI, since it is easier to troubleshoot if problems do happen.

All looks good after a new reboot.

So I finally was able to test RSP2 with RPi3+. First I did a shutdown of the RPi3+, just to be sure and connected the USB of the RSP2 to the RPi and connected a simple whip antenna to port B.

Turned the RPi on again, and after login and issued the startx to finally be able to open the cubicSDR v0.2.5....yes it did open! And I quickly reduced the gain and was able to hear my local FM station.

I tested the RF notch filter, and it really helps a lot! I will now try other bands and update.

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Re: Raspberry Pi 3 Image (v0.5) installation

Post by gooch12013 » Wed May 08, 2019 4:16 pm

I have the official raspberry pi 7" touch screen and i i can not get video output. the touch works just no video. if i change SD card with Raspbian the screen and touch works fine. so i know the screen and ribbon cable is good.

Please help
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