Use only a on-screen cursor to tune SDRplay?

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Use only a on-screen cursor to tune SDRplay?

Postby cottersay » Fri Jan 22, 2016 4:25 am

Question for HDSDR and SDR Console users with SDRplay:

I've tried this question on other SDR forums, but since I know that it is possible, I need to press on and find an answer: I am able to stop the frequency and waterfall displays from moving horizontally while tuning around the 40M band on my IF-tapped Elecraft K1. (FYI: A tuning "cursor" within SDR Console's frequency display moves to indicate which freq I am currently listening to). This makes it FAR easier to view the waterfall display, preventing it from smearing across the screen while tuning for signals. (Perhaps HDSDR can do this also).

How can I turn that ability back on within SDR Console for my next band of interest, 20M?

Please see what I am referring to here: ... 125169473/

Thank you!

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