Win 10 on VM Fusion(Mac): Cant see the SDRplay Help Pse

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Win 10 on VM Fusion(Mac): Cant see the SDRplay Help Pse

Postby Captmgik » Tue Mar 29, 2016 6:48 pm

HDSDR v2.7 gives me an error message "Warning SDRplay Hardware not found"
SDRConsole v3.0 gives me a message SDRSelect Radio Nothing found, sorry!

Im running these on a new version of VMFusion and Windows 10 on a Mac Air running the latest version of OS X

I know the SDRplay works OK as it plays well on the same mac running in OS X mode using CubicSDR.

My goal is to run SDR Console and HDSDR in the Windows 10 virtual machine but so far, no joy

I've run Mirics SDRAPIINSTALLER 1.8.1, SDRplay-EXTIO Installer 3.8.3, HDSDR install, SDR Radio v3 64 Bit 2016-03-25, 1936

I've looked at Device Manager and there are no Yellow or Red flags there.

Your thoughts, please
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