Raspberry Pi 2 + SDRplay: Setup Guide?

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Re: Raspberry Pi 2 + SDRplay: Setup Guide?

Post by NeilP » Tue Oct 30, 2018 6:43 pm

Yes, I would like to say that the link to the tutorial does work with a Raspberry Pi3B+

https://ansi.23-5.eu/2018/01/sdrplay-re ... omment-482

Only failings of that Tutorial is that at one point tit leaves the newbie stranded.

it says:
Binary Libraries

The driver can be downloaded from the SDRplay homepage https://www.sdrplay.com/rpi2dl.php
but it gives you no Code to type to tell you how to do that...

I knew how to create a SMB share on the Pi, so what I did was download the file mentioned in the link to my Mac, then find the Pi on the Network and drag it over the network

Alos once you have completed each of the 'steps' of code, you get 'dumped' back at the command Prompt, in the new directory...

In order to start the next 'bloc' of code you need to use the command to go back up the directory to the Home/pi/ folder.
If you do not do that you end up in a hell of a mess and nothing works and the only way out for a newbie is to re-burn the Micro SD card and start again. So use "cd .." a few times until you are at /home/pi/ before starting the next batch of code.

Also , there is no instructions on how to get the server to run automatically on re boot


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sudo systemctl enable SoapySDRServer

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