How will Studio 1 be made available?

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How will Studio 1 be made available?

Postby DaveB » Fri Apr 29, 2016 10:37 am

If this or a similar question hasn't already been posted and in the queue - I'll bite the bullet and ask how SDRPlay plan to make Studio 1 available? eg will it be "free" to registered owners? or will it be bundled with new purchases (with a possible change in pricing)? or will it be a chargeable extra?

If it isn't option 1, then I hope SDRPlay will allow people to try out the software - even if it is via remote access to an SDRPlay receiver - as paying out a chunk of money without having had the chance to evaluate the software isn't something I would do.
As for the current method of activation - a dongle - I've no spare USB ports!

With this and SDR-Console v3 previews - it is getting exciting.

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